Open your eyes to Eye Shines

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. Join us in our "Vision for Vision".

India shoulders the worlds largest burden of blindness. Of a total population of exceeding one billion, as many as 15 million people are blind with an additional 52 million that are visually impared.

Among those are 320,000 children under the age of 16, constituting one fifth of the world's blind children. 50% of these children could be cured if adequate facilities and trained staff were available.

The KK Institute works very hard towards a mission to combat eye disease and reduce avoidable blindness through a comprehensive approach to eye care. In adherence to the mission philosophy of sevice to the poorest of the poor, a free cataract surgery program was launched. The sight for the sightless program focuses to eradicate blindness developed through cataracts. Since its inception of August 2003, the institute has successfully informed more than 30,000 free eye surgeries, approximately costing $25.00 US Dollars per eye.